Esker Ri

Bernie came to us with the idea of going to Esker Ri Nursing Home and we agreed as we thought

it would be a good experience for us to get involved in the community and get an insight into

what it’s like to work in that environment.

Our Advocate Maz organized the whole event and was very helpful to us while we were

preparing and during the visit. To prepare for the visit we made games we thought would

be fun for the residents and that they would enjoy, we made 6 or 7 games to play with them and made different ones for different levels of mobility. We were joined on the visit by the Barbers who worked well with the residents and cut their hair.

Before we went to Clara, we felt nervous because we were unsure of what to expect but we were

excited to see what it was like.

The visit was an overall good experience and we enjoyed our time there and we felt like we

brought a smile to people’s faces that might not get to go out and have fun very often and we

feel like it was a good experience for us to get to know what it’s like there.

Afterwards, we felt like it was a very rewarding and fulfilling day and would definitely recommend

it to people if they are given the opportunity.

By: Saorah Flaherty & Grainne Cosgrove